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Staff, Strategies, and Solutions for Nuclear Plant Licensing

“The mission of RTS is to replace the mystery in regulatory affairs with certainty, leverage the use of precedents, and establish predictability based on lessons learned.” 

- Keith Graham, President

We make Nuclear Regulatory Affairs PREDICTABLE


Regulatory Technology Services (RTS) provides staff, strategies and solutions plant owners need to navigate the chaordic world of nuclear regulatory affairs and plant licensing decisions.  From operational licensing for existing plants to licensing action requests for new plants the RTS team members have the skills needed to convert your licensing-basis evidence into the regulator’s confidence.  RTS provides process support for nuclear plant license issuance, maintenance, and oversight.  The RTS team knows how to make the dynamics of nuclear power technology and nuclear regulations predictable.  That’s support that ensures compliance with nuclear safety standards and expedites US NRC approvals.

The RTS team members can:

• Advise your team what to expect from regulators

• Advise what regulators expect from your team

• Inform your team of significant regulatory trends



RTS provides its clients support for:

• Nuclear Regulatory Affairs

• Nuclear Plant Licensing

• Operational Licensing

• NRC Resident and Team Inspections

• Combined License Application (COLA) Preparation

• Design Certification Document Development

• International Nuclear Regulatory Affairs

• License Renewal

Regulatory Technology Services

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