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“The foundational goal of Regulatory Technology Services is to be the

bridge between plant owners and industry experts when emergent

staffing needs are identified.”

- Keith Graham, President

Staff, Strategies, and Solutions for Nuclear Plant Licensing

- About President

Nuclear Regulatory Affairs: It’s our niche in the Nuclear Power Industry

Regulatory Technology Services (RTS) specializes in providing staff, strategies and solutions for Nuclear Regulatory Affairs and Plant Licensing.


Call on RTS for:

• Staff augmentation support for operational licensing processes

• License-basis changes needed to meet new standards

• Assistance in improving regulatory performance margins

• Recovery from a degraded nuclear safety cornerstone.

• Preparation of Combined License Applications (COLAs)


RTS is the conduit that connects the knowledge of nuclear power industry experts with the nuclear plant owner’s need for supplementary staffing.  We connect nuclear plant owners with subject matter experts qualified to meet specific staff augmentation needs.  RTS is committed to build collaborative partnerships with plant owners to amplify the integrity of their relationship with the US NRC.


We start with a “SMART” Strategy


Benchmarking against industry best practices and evolving regulatory standards, RTS methodically approaches every licensing basis issue with the goal of providing plant owners with comprehensive solutions through use of the SMART strategy:

S = Survey the applicable regulatory requirements

M = Measure the level of compliance needed

A = Assess the design basis inputs

R = Review licensing basis precedents and industry lessons learned

T = Translate design and regulatory bases into licensing basis input


RTS team members are skilled in differentiating between issues of higher and lower nuclear safety significance.  We continually examine legacy practices and look for improvements.  We are committed to clarity and specificity in the way that we communicate the licensing basis and the way we produce evidence of compliance with regulations.




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