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“The foundational goal of Regulatory Technology Services is to be the

bridge between plant owners and industry experts when emergent

staffing needs are identified.”

- Keith Graham, President

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Candidates interested in an interview with RTS may submit a resume in PDF or Word format to


TRUE NORTH Relationships


True North represents the direction of the path we have chosen to follow:   A path characterized by intentional relationships, open and honest communication, proactive problem-solving and commitment to team success.


Our blueprint for doing business is based on A-U-T-H-E-N-T-I-C partnerships:


Assess our client’s

Urgent human capital needs and

Team dynamics, then

Help identify

Exact match consultants with expert skills and qualifications from the

Niche market of Nuclear Regulatory Affairs; i.e.,

Team players and technology specialists

Interacting with our clients to

Create Nuclear Regulatory Affairs strategies and solutions.


RTS goes beyond the role of being a staff augmentation service. Our candidates synergize teams and processes through their experience, leadership-by-example and commitment to integrity.  RTS team members are connected to each other through weekly status reporting and participate in industry forums to be able to provide each client with premium services.



Regulatory Technology Services specializes in recruiting and placing industry leading professionals world-wide in these areas:

• Nuclear Regulatory Affairs Staff

• Nuclear Plant Licensing Engineers

• Consultants and Subject Matter Experts


Our goal is to provide exact-match support when urgent human capital needs are identified by our customers.




We believe in building authentic partnerships with each RTS client. The RTS management model is based on treating both RTS employees and plant owners as clients, to become the conduit for custom connections between our employees and customers.  Therefore, RTS’s Keith Graham personally:


1. Screens all RTS employees including a face-to-face interview

2. Reviews background, work history and qualifications

3. Works to match your skillsets with the plant owner’s needs.




Keith Graham’s standard for himself – and RTS employees – is based on his maxims to:

• Lead the Thinking

• Lead People

• Lead the Marketplace

• Lead a Balanced Life




RTS is interested in discussing employment opportunities with you if you have at least 20 years nuclear power plant experience.  Our niche market is clients with the following staffing needs:


Nuclear Regulatory Affairs

Environmental Affairs and Permitting

Licensing Basis Engineering

NRC Reactor Oversight Program Experts

Part 52 License Application processes

Part 52 Design Certification Document processes

Final Safety Analysis Reports

Technical Specifications

10 CFR 50.72 and 50.73 Reporting Processes

NFPA 805 Experts

Fukushima Event Experts

Nuclear Plant Security Specialists

License Procedure Subject Matter Experts

Risk Assessment Experts

Licensing Basis Project Managers

US DOE Nuclear Safety and Regulatory Compliance Experts


Candidates interested in an interview with RTS may submit a resume in PDF or Word format to


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