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Staff, Strategies, and Solutions for Nuclear Plant Licensing

“The foundational goal of Regulatory Technology Services is to be the

bridge between plant owners and industry experts when emergent

staffing needs are identified.”

- Keith Graham, President

RTS builds regulatory confidence into new plant licensing


“A properly established licensing basis will stand the test of time.”

Keith Graham, President


Our business is staff, strategies, and solutions for nuclear plant licensing.  We know our business.  We understand the new plant licensing process, the documents that are required, the level of detail that is needed for compliance with the Part 52 licensing process.  We’ve written them – more than once, for several clients, and can advise you on the differences in strategies.  We know what NRC regulators want and need to see.  We’ve sat at the table where decisions are made.


At RTS, our end goal is to eliminate uncertainty and provide plant owners and their teams with the expertise to ensure regulatory compliance, expedite the licensing process, and advance the processes for license application approval and ITAAC confirmations. Doing the right work is the basis for being effective; doing the work right is the basis for efficiency.




RTS’s Keith Graham alone has more than 30 years of experience providing staff augmentation, strategies and solutions for nuclear regulatory affairs and plant licensing, and he has built of team of peer level industry leaders. “My knowledge of Nuclear Regulatory Affairs and Nuclear Plant Licensing qualify RTS as your best resource for supplying industry experts to meet your supplemental staffing needs,” he said. Keith’s clients include 17 plant owners, five Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) vendors, the US NRC and US DOE.


Skills – New Plant Construction

• Establish a predictable licensing process for each client

• Resolve safety and environmental issues early in the COL Process

• Establish a Licensing Basis and Regulatory Framework for your design output that will stand the test of time.


Goals - Design certification of New Reactor Technology

• Promote standardization of US NRC reviews

• Leverage the One Issue / One Review / One Decision process




Benchmarking against industry best practices and anticipated regulatory standards, RTS uses the SMART strategy to approach every licensing issue with the goal of taking plant-based licensing evidence and converting it to regulatory confidence:


S = Survey the applicable regulatory requirements

M = Measure the level of compliance needed

A = Assess the design basis inputs

R = Review licensing basis precedents and industry lessons learned

T = Translate design and regulatory bases into licensing basis input




We believe relationships are a key ingredient to regulatory compliance.  We embrace collaborative relationships with plant owners, NSSS vendors, the construction team, as well as rapport with regulators that is focused on giving them the compelling confidence they expect from review of licensing basis documents.  We coach the SMART strategy fundamentals to build integrity into nuclear regulatory affairs.



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