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Staff, Strategies, and Solutions for Nuclear Plant Licensing

“The foundational goal of Regulatory Technology Services is to be the

bridge between plant owners and industry experts when emergent

staffing needs are identified.”

- Keith Graham, President


Expect the industry’s best problem-solving specialists


“Nuclear plant owners must often find the right answer to, ‘What is our licensing basis?’.  The role of RTS is to give plant owners the resources needed to answer this question.” - Keith Graham, President RTS


Regulatory Technology Services specializes in nuclear regulatory affairs. The company’s compelling foundational goal is to be the bridge between plant owners and industry experts when emergent staffing needs are identified.  We are focused on increasing regulatory performance through mastery of regulatory affairs, eliminating issues that stand between plant-specific evidence and the regulator’s expectations – that’s our specialty.


Ensuring custom connections

Focusing on regulatory compliance

Developing authentic relationships


…These are the staff, strategies, and solutions for Nuclear Plant Licensing we provide to each client.




As a niche market company, RTS is experienced in supporting the full scope of day-to-day nuclear regulatory affairs and plant licensing requirements; and connected to industry veterans who are perfectly suited for those tasks.  RTS is ready to help; call Keith Graham for a no obligation consultation regarding availability of team members.  RTS team members each have over 20 years of nuclear plant experience.


Keith Graham, a Nuclear Regulatory Affairs Consultant, and president of the company, personally interviews and screens each employee to assure the client’s needs are met. “Over the past 30 years in the nuclear power industry, I have developed a keen sense of the skillsets needed to solve problems,” he said.  “Our goal is to provide your plant with supplemental staffing with a focus on partnerships where we support, complement, and challenge each other.”




Call on Regulatory Technology Services for:

• Operational Licensing Activities and NRC Team Inspections

RTS provides staff augmentation for daily operational licensing activities, strategies for resolution of NRC identified issues, assistance in preparations for NRC team inspections, and developing responses to NRC requests for information.


• Self-Assessments and Benchmarking

RTS is skilled at assisting plant owners in measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of site programs and processes against the same processes used by industry peers along with gap analysis to identify best practices.


• Preparation of Licensing Basis Products per US NRC requirement

Specific experience includes Final Safety Analysis Reports (FSAR), Design Basis Documents (DBDs), Technical Specifications, Technical Requirements Manual, Combined License Applications, Design Certification Documents, Environmental Reports, Topical Reports, License Renewal Applications, Aging Management Review Reports, and Quality Assurance Program Documents.


Licensee response to NRC Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) Degraded Nuclear Safety Cornerstones and Significant Cross-cutting Issues (SCCI)

RTS is ready to assist in establishing the solutions NRC inspectors expect; to move you back to the baseline Licensee Response Column of the NRC ROP Action Matrix.



Convinced that relationships are a key ingredient to compliance success, RTS employees have a collaborative mindset, partnering with plant owners and building rapport with regulators.  RTS experience confirms that the formula for regulatory compliance and nuclear safety is a mixture of regulations and licensing bases and relationships.



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